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Friday, May 23, 2008

End of classes and Two weeks left in Taiwan

May 23, 2008

Here are my final flight plans:
Taiwan to Egypt June 5 and 6
Egypt to Madrid July 29
Madrid to Chicago August 20... and then thats it!

So nothing much has happened since my miderms which is true haha so there was nothing much to write about. But I just took my finals yesterday soooo I am DONE with Chinese for a little while, I just hope I don't forget too much before I make it back to IU. One day I went to the mountains to pick some lilies because thats what it is famous for. Those pictures will go up eventually but I am having computer problems so I don't know when. One weekend we had a show put on by all the Chinese classes and I had to act in a little skit for it. The night before though I got offered a chance to be on a TV show, so as soon as the show was over I had to hop in a taxi over the TV station. That was about all the excitement I had in the past few weeks except for learning Chinese. Yesterday and Today I had my Chinese and Taiwanese finals and they weren't that bad. The last thing I have to do here is finish my research project then I am done. Tomorrow we are going on a weekend trip and I'll write about that before I leave Taiwan.

As for Egypt I am planning on arriving on June 6 and I will be there until July 29. Right now i dont know much about what I am doing there except I am doing intensive Arabic and will have about 20 hours a week of class and hopefully a few trips around Egypt. I don't know if I'll have any time to travel on my own though because the class is so intensive. On July 29 I'm flying to Madrid to stay will a friend for three weeks. I also dont really know what im gonna be doing there as of yet but I have been using my money saved from translating and tutoring to spend while I'm there. Maybe I'll get a chance to visit a couple other countries even. After that I am coming home to the US on August 20. I am going to try and get a quick 2 or 3 day roadtrip with my friends to Cedar Point and then be back to IU in time to start in the fall.... so any comments??